Is that ME?

As part of a school assignment, I and a couple classmates wrote and presented a newscast which was videotaped and shown to the class. I think I was the anchor (of course) and I remember being quite proud, if a little self-conscious, of my role. That is, until the video played. I imagine it was … Continue reading Is that ME?

To build up or to destroy

When I was in elementary school, fifth or sixth grade or so, I was teased. Mercilessly. The kids who teased me made fun of my shoes, my clothes, my hair. If I happened to wear something new or get a hair cut or, say, mess up a cheer at a pep rally, they ridiculed me … Continue reading To build up or to destroy

God is faithful when His people are not

In my read-the-Bible-through-in-a-year plan, I just finished the book of Deuteronomy. The book ends on a rather poignant note, with Moses' death and rather mysterious burial by the Lord God Himself. Just before he dies, Moses pronounces a blessing over the people of Israel, proclaiming There is none like God, O Jeshurun,    who rides through the heavens … Continue reading God is faithful when His people are not


So yesterday I wrote what is, in retrospect, a somewhat self-indulgent post. You can go read it if you haven't already and see if you don't agree. Though I'm a little embarrassed by some of its whiny tones, I'm leaving it up in tribute to what this blog intends to be: a journal of sorts, … Continue reading Wrecked